The Mosquito Fleet (continued)

US Army and Navy at a Moro village c1900 (National Archives)

Vickers machine gun mounted on ship's bow


US Navy steam launch with Hotchkiss 1.65 inch cannon on bow

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The Jewel (nicknamed "the Squaw") was used extensively for transportation of staff officers from Zamboanga to other locations and for carrying dispatches from 1900 to 1915

The armed launch Flake, named after a 22nd Infantry Lieutenant killed in action, was hauled up the Agus road to Lake Lanao by mules in 1904 and manned by soldiers at Camp Marahui

65 feet length, 12 feet beam, a Vickers Maxim 37mm mounted in bow and Gatling gun at the stern

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The 5,000 ton USATS Buford was one of several larger Army transports used to transport troops

The smaller USATS Wright was used as an inter-island transport

Sampans, towed by steam launches, were used to ferry troops between the shore and transports

US Army troops disembarking from sampan lighters to board transport at anchor